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Home-Enhancing Area Rugs in Rochester, MN

When your floors need a little extra flair, there’s no better option than quality area rugs in Rochester, MN. Craft a unique sense of style and add dimension to your space by investing in a comfortable and luxurious addition to your favorite room. At Hiller's Flooring America, we make it easy to find the right rug for any occasion with a massive selection from today’s most trusted manufacturers.

In our store, you can browse varying styles, sizes, and textures to make the perfect match for your dream design. Plus, with our helpful staff on-hand to help with information and advice, you never need to shop alone. Explore and buy with confidence when you trust your leading local rug dealers.

Embrace Versatile Style

“Area rug” is a blanket term that encompasses a wide range of different creations designed to add character and depth to your décor. They come in a myriad of styles with near-infinite variations that make them great for projects of any scale or scope. Some of the most popular options include:

Accent Rugs -- Usually small and meant to create a visual distinction between areas in an open floor plan, these are some of the most common additions to many modern homes. Ranging from classic to contemporary, they let you define your space without losing any of it to restrictive walls.

Full-Room Rugs -- Large, bold, and distinctive, these rugs give you the plush feeling of carpet, a protective layer above most of your hard flooring, and a look that’s instantly captivating. Usually sized to leave a small border, they immaculately blend comfort and creativity.

Layered Rugs -- You’re not just limited to one layer of beautiful design. Mix and match colors, patterns, or textures to turn your rugs into a multifaceted design feature. This can also help you tie together elements of the surrounding furniture. Take advantage of a great rug sale during one of our events to pick up a few options and change them out for a more dynamic space.

Combining Convenience and Value

When you consider that rugs are easy to clean, capable of quick changes to fit seasonal décor, and much less expensive than completely re-flooring a room, it’s no wonder that they’ve remained a popular way to enliven living spaces for centuries. We’re proud to continue that tradition by offering the best products in the business. If you’re looking for a way to make the most of an open floor plan or want to spruce up your interior design before a holiday event, look no further than our inventory for an easy solution.

Contact us today for more information about our expansive rug selection. We proudly serve Rochester, MN, and the surrounding areas.

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