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Tile Flooring in Rochester MN

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When you are ready to improve the appearance of the floors in your home, office building, store, or other commercial property, pay a visit to our flooring superstore to find the best deals, prices, and selections of tile flooring in Rochester, MN. At our flooring store, we offer a wide selection of floor tiles for our customers, and our friendly and knowledgeable flooring specialists are ready to help you choose the best tile brands to suit your lifestyle, décor, and renovation budget.

Tile flooring meets the needs of homeowners in three ways: durability, affordability, and style. In all three of these considerations, tile floors are the perfect fit for any room in the house. The easy luxury of porcelain tile or ceramic tile flooring comes at one of the best prices per square foot, and this, along with our expert flooring installation, makes them an outstanding choice for any home. Our showroom is fully stocked with numerous floor styles, and our flooring experts will help you choose the tile flooring that best suits your needs.

Low-Maintenance Tile Floors for Any Home

Tile floors are perfect for busy households. It’s easy to keep them looking like new under the most high-traffic conditions. Sweeping every day and mopping occasionally is all you need to do to maintain your floors, and any accidents or spills can be sponged up on the spot. Tile materials have long been considered appropriate for busy kitchens and bathrooms, because they resist stains and water damage.

Our professionally installed tile floors are laid with careful attention to dirt-resistant grout lines, allergens and pet dander are also excluded. This makes them the hypoallergenic, pet-friendly option for any active household.

Trusted Tile Brands at Our Flooring Superstore

No matter what type of tile floors you need for your home or office, you can find the exact match to your décor at our flooring store. We carry a large selection of brands from the most popular manufacturers in the tile industry. We are well known for our high-quality, low-cost materials. Some of the most sought-after tile brands that we sell and install for our customers include tiles from the following manufacturers:

  • Floorcraft™
  • Dal-Tile™
  • Star™
  • Design Distinctions™
  • Bellissima Tile™
  • SelectAFloor™
  • American Olean™

Strong & Stylish Porcelain Tile

You can refresh your home on a budget with our stunning and long-lasting porcelain tile floors. This flooring option can be installed anywhere in the house: at, below, or above grade level. Consider porcelain tile when you want to create a modern look for your home that will never go out of style. Because porcelain is frost resistant, it is a great fit for indoor/outdoor spaces like patios and entryways. A single damaged tile will not compromise the durability of the overall floor, and it is inexpensive and easy to replace a new individual tile in its place.

Elegant Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic tile flooring offers durability, elegance, and design flexibility. Manufacturers have created these tiles in a variety of colors, textures, and tones, so there is a style to fit every aesthetic need. This unique ceramic tile flooring option is also one of the least expensive per square foot, and the ease of installation saves you money on labor costs. Your home’s bathroom, kitchen, hallways, or even living room can benefit from affordable, long-lasting ceramic tile flooring.

Our flooring experts can help you find the fresh new look your room needs, and our efficient installation will get the job done right on your schedule. You’ll be enjoying your elegant new space in no time. Your satisfaction is our primary concern, so our tile flooring installation is assured by our Ultimate Confidence Guarantee, which means if you aren’t happy with your new floors within 30 days of purchase, we’ll provide new flooring of an equal value at no charge.

Providing Superior Tile Installation Solutions

After you select the best tile floors for your home or place of business, don’t forget to schedule an appointment with our professional tile installation team. At our company, we know that your time is valuable, so we work around your busy schedule to install your tile. Because we work quickly and efficiently, we lessen the impact that we have on your home or work routine.

Once we finish our installation, you will be amazed at how easy it is to care for your new tiles. With such a durable and family-friendly tile system in place, you can enjoy your new floors for years to come.


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